Worksheet based practitioners

Worksheet based practitioners

Worksheet based practitioners embed their value offering in their knowledge and practice of one (or even several) worksheets that a client fills out.

Some of these worksheets include Enneagram, NBI, Clifton Strengthsfinder, ShadowMatch, DISC and MBTI. Let’s call them [XYZ]. This category, as far as SignoPro is concerned, are for those who see the worksheet as their basis and or entry point when interacting with a client.

They are technically and most aptly called [XYZ] practitioners or broadly consultants. There are significant considerations about whether worksheet practitioners can be called coaches or other defined form of skilled helping agency or modality (more below). If such practitioners want to refer to themselves as [XYZ] coaches or facilitators then SignoPro offers a credible space of accountability for them to do so.

The above worksheets or instruments don’t all work with the same set of ideas of human behaviour and are scientifically put together quite differently. However they all work with the idea of creating knowledge and awareness of different aspects of self and others. Feedback is then often provided with support of an intelligent system and technology on which the worksheet is built.

Training in such worksheets do not necessarily require a behavioural sciences background. There are of course many more worksheets if one considers an array of psychological assessments and diagnostic instruments for various purposes. The kind of practitioner that we have in mind in this category are however not the psychologist. Psychologists and some others are behavioural sciences informed occupations whose work extends beyond the scope of interaction with a client based on a worksheet or any of the personality, diagnostic or other instruments at their disposal.

To do

  • Join SignoPro at Affiliate level whereby it recognises the way you want to situate your practice as for instance ‘a coach’).
  • Take the opportunities presented. As part of the pioneering phase up to the end of 2018 many opportunities will be made available that draw coaches into a deeper understanding of what different helping modalities are (such coaching, facilitation, others)

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