Second Phase Development Services

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The second phase of SignoPro’s development extends up to the end of 2018. To say thank you for choosing us to make your development journey the following offer and special rates apply. After 2018 some fee’s will increase although we are likely to create a special category for Second Phase Development members to honour your pioneering commitment.

Do note that some aspects still need to be developed further. That is however the point of this development phase; to see you as professional development partners and in return the offering is made greatly affordable. The offer is however only valid if you see yourself as a professional pioneer. You will notice other pricing indications on the website that are market related but clearly not the reduced offer you will find here.

Yearly membership fee

Cost: R200, renewable every year by the end of February

To do: Payment to: See latest version of this page here.

A membership listing page

Cost: FREE (The listing custom is SignoPro.co/[Name][Surname Initial]

To do: Fill out our online form here | We use this information to set up your listing and will email you when it is ready | In approximately one month you will receive a membership certificate (different than a designation certificate)

Note: Updates to the mentioned listing page are FREE for the first three months, thereafter a nominal administration fee is charged per text update at R35 per update for this specific page.

Granting a designation

Offer: The use of the ‘Signo Affiliate Professional/Practitioner’ [SAPr] designation on condition that

  • you request to be designated, and
  • sign a basic ethics framework when it comes into effect over the following months. These would be the customary ethical values for most, if not all, services/ helping professions such as ‘good will,’ ‘intention of no harm’ and ‘client confidentiality.’

To do: Email the following “I request to use the designation Signo Affiliate Professional/Practitioner” to designations@signo.co.za A designation certificate will be issued in no more than a month after your indication.

The designation ‘Signo Affiliate Professional’ communicates to your clients that you:

  • Value their dignity and safety enough to have signed an independent ethical framework at a designation relevant level
  • That you have agreed to partner with an independent body/community for the advancement of your profession or role
  • That your clients have the assurance that you will be continually and independently encouraged to develop in all aspects of what it means to be a professional
  • That you are making yourself accountable to the broader professional community and that you are aware that not acting in an ethical manner could mean that your membership can be suspended

All of the benefits translate to helping you create trust with your clients.

Note: You may well qualify for another designation. Other designations exist but is not yet in operation. We will approach you when ready.

Your professional brand

The following information relates to sub domain specific websites at SignoPro.co If you are ready for your own website right from the start, and if you are already a member visit our preferential member rates page since as a pioneer you will not be paying normal open market rates. During this phase, web development rates of services not listed here may come down as low as to a ratio of one to four of our open market rates – depending on the level at which you choose to develop your own website.

Email: FREE (The custom for your email will be [Name][Initial of Surname] such as JohnM@SignoPro.co

Sub domain website: A sub domain refers to a website created at the main website domain which in this case is SignoPro.co

Sub domain – Option A: FREE, if self managed. We install the content management system and send you your login detail. You proceed to create your pages, posts with your text and images. We limit the look and feel (typically referred to as themes) on sub domain websites.

It is ideal to have the same domain name as your email address. For this reason the custom, as with the email, is [Name][Initial of Surname].SignoPro.co In other words, for John above it would be JohnM.SignoPro.co

Important: This is a big advantage as it is a more professional option over [someone].wordpress.com or other places such as Yahoo, Google that offers sub domain websites.

  • Please note the assumption with Option A is that you will do it on your own. Assistance offered at R50 per 30 minutes
  • You can add the retainer option B at any time.
  • Customary hosting fees are waived for at least the second phase development, maybe indefinitely for pioneering members.
  • There are no domain name fees.

The whole point of using the system that we do is to make it relatively easy for you to update your own website. Though not complicated it can however take time to initially figure it out. But if you would rather get up an running quickly and figure it out as you go along, then look at the next option.

Sub domain – Option B: R450 once off. We install the content management system | Create 4 web pages (Home; Services; About; Contact) | You send us the text and images for those pages | We inform you when it’s done and we make final basic tweaks based on your input.

Additional pages (also sub pages) are not necessary but it depends on what you want to do: As part of the initial set up only, charged at R35 per page. Please note that at this level we are merely talking about putting your information on screen, on the web page as one would in, say, a MS Word document. Here we use whatever layout options the particular theme offers which is likely not a direct match to a Word doc.

Whether Option A or B, if you plan on being active on your website beyond populating it once with information you can add one of a few retainers starting at R25 per month and we do the basics monthly: update pages, posts, article submission and general information. You email us what you want and we do the rest.

  • For functionality other than basic display of content a service fee of R50 per 30 minutes apply
  • This often involves third party functionality (contact forms; social media sharing; sliders; other) which may incur external first or third party costs as dependent on your needs
  • Customary hosting fees are waived for at least the second phase development, maybe indefinitely for pioneering members.
  • There are no domain name fees.

Signo Logo and visual branding

The logo opens possibilities to create email signatures and means of promoting your professional profile visually (such as on email, your sub domain website, letter heads).

  • Once we have finalised our brand agreement to be signed by you the logo use will be free.

Signoture conversations

Signoture conversations are either training or network-learning events that contributes to the requirement of continued professional development with SignoPro. Although outside events will also count (at a specified time in the future) we develop internal capacity to make it really affordable for professionals to maintain learning and engaging peer community members. This is important for us since one of the requirements of any professional body is offering participation options in a ‘community of knowledge and practice.’ By virtue of being a member during this Second Development Phase the following applies:

Cost per event:

Online: R80/ event (Non-members R200)

Contact: R150/ event (Non-members R350)

Acknowledgement: Certificate of participation

There are between six to twelve such learning events. The event itself does not require a large chunk of time (at most 3 hours). We might however, log on your profile, or send you something beforehand (for instance: a professional or social scientific article to go through on the relevant topic).

Signoture approved training

All Signoture conversations are seen as learning events.

A list of training options will be provided.

Acknowledgement: Certificate of participation

Other services

A range of other services will be communicated over the following months on both the professional and web development side. Rates will again be special rates for Second Phase Development Members.

Set-up special

If any of the above seems daunting we’ll get you up and running in no time based on the SignoPro brand:

Membership fee: R200

Web related cost: R950

  • Email registration
  • Email signature
  • Sub domain registration and setup (of pages, content, and more)
  • Letter head set up in electronic format (Word)

In this case we will use our SignoPro logo as required for the set up of for instance the Email Signature but you will have to sign the usage terms when it becomes available.

We are excited to potentially have you as a partner and we hope that ultimately this will give you the edge in your profession or occupational role and in building a relationship of trust with your clients.

  1. We welcome any feedback, questions or comments

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