Onboarding is also explained on the latest development notes.

SignoPro accompanies a diverse range of helping practitioners on their journey, from facilitators to counsellors to consultants and others. Reference to ‘practitioner’ on our website and forms refers to all manner of helping professionals or practitioners.

We are currently in our third development phase. You can read about the backstory of Signo here. In exchange for you being serious about your role as a practitioner or professional, from coaches, to counsellors to pastors to formal leadership practitioners we are willing to give you preferential rates, help you build a portfolio on our platforms, offer strategic training, support you with a practice number (if desired and with some T’s & C’s), we accept a large number of learning events for our internal CPD processes (even after events with necessary proof). During the second half of the year (2020) we will go through the process of helping our members fully understand and leverage our service offering to their advantage.

Step 1: Initial membership application

If we are going to support and promote you as a professional member or practitioner we start to get to know you a little with this form.

Who should fill this out (any of the following):

  • Persons registered with another professional body
  • Are already practicing as a helper with or without formal recognition (this could include any role from coaching to pastors to managers or leadership roles)
  • Practitioners (students) in training

Access and fill out online here


Step 2: Ethics, code of conduct

Who should fill this out:

  • Every person who joins as a member or practitioner with Signo (with one exception)

The  information document below contains a code of conduct on the last page of the document. It is a general ethics related code of conduct that is the most basic code all helping practitioners should adhere to. It is on the basis of having this on record, and seeing that you are serious about being held accountable, that we offer the services we do at reduced rates and other value instruments.

Exception: On scientific grounds in the broader helping industry we cannot see how any professional body will object to the content of the basic code. The only acceptable alternative is in instances where your professional body required you to fill out a ethical code of conduct and if you therefore object to filling it out. But please note that Signo advances several practitioner roles and if you are to join Signo for any role outside of that which your professional body stands for you will nevertheless need to fill out the Signo ethical code of conduct.

See and download form here

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