membership levels

Membership Levels

Membership is applicable to individuals, communities, and corporates. If you are designated with Signo or linked to SignoPro through your own professional governing body then the Signo membership fee covers the Signo designation fee. At this stage the only membership level we extend is that of ‘Second Phase Development,’ which is essentially a level with reduced fee’s (up to the end of 2018). This level, only for the development phase is tied to Elite level membership. Consequently the information and membership fees after ‘Value of SIGNOPRO 3.0’ will come into effect only in upcoming phases.

Value of SIGNOPRO 3.0

The Third Phase Development is called SIGNOPRO 3.0. The information below ‘SIGNOPRO 3.0’ links will give you a very good indication of the value of membership. Once you have a good understanding of the below information please read what we have to offer during SIGNOPRO 3.0. (For our corporate offering promoting good practice in leadership and management roles, please email us.)


About the Third Phase Development (SIGNOPRO 3.0)


Standard offering for third phase development.


Individual Membership Preferential Rates Examples (for Web and Training) based on current SIGNOPRO 3.0 special membership rates


Community Membership Overview

The concept of membership

Membership levels work on the basis of an annual membership fee. Membership makes it possible for Signo to extend a number of services at reduced rates related to the particular membership level. The services tie in directly to advancing your professionalism and your career.

By offering the services that we do, in the way that we do, we hope to contribute to the betterment of the lives of organisations, communities, leaders, families, employees and ordinary citizens – all those who are clients of our professionals in some form or another. By becoming a member a range of possibilities opens up towards also being recognised as (an getting value from) an Affiliate/Associate/Certified, or Master ‘Signo Professional’ in a number of occupations. More on becoming a ‘Signo Profesional’ here.

Yearly membership

The following yearly membership fees will apply only from later stages. But members who have joined during the first stages pay only a membershp fee of R200 per year and a once off  administration fee of R400.

 R 600.00  R 900.00  R 1 200.00  R 1 500.00  R 900.00  R 600.00  Options here  Price on Request

How much will I save with membership

Individual, community and corporate membership

The above membership options are broadly divided into three types: Individual, Community and Corporate membership. Here is an introduction to each.

Individual Membership

NON-MEMBER Many of the services that Signo offer are still available to non-members, for instance web related or professional advancement offers – but at standard market related rates.
TRIAL Trial membership affords the individual the opportunity to see how value is structured and to experience first hand the benefit of being a member. As such most of the services are available to trial members. Such services are offered at a percentage discount that non-members do not have, although the fees are not as reduced as other membership levels and only available for limited period.
STANDARD Standard membership offers a base line rate reduction for most services. The more opportunities that the individual take up the greater the cost of savings.
ADVANCED Compared to trial and standard membership the cost of savings really start to make sense for the serious professional.
ELITE Elite membership is the highest level of membership with greatest cost benefit for independent practitioners.
STUDENT/COURTESY Student or courtesy membership is available for enrolled students for any of the skilled helping or professional industry occupations. Students are generally not yet credentialed although they might be looking towards that. Student membership offers the perfect platform for mature students who want to get out of the blocks positioned in the right way. Individuals already part of corporate membership will, if they join individually also (under condition of corporate membership) enjoy the courtesy rates extended to students for the entire length of corporate membership.
DISTINGUISHED Distinguished membership offers the most reduced rates on most services. Distinguished members are already credentialed with Signo as at least and associate. To become and associate you will have to register with an online programme that we offer in collaborative practice. Credentialed members of other specific approaches, such as IMAGO, NARRATIVE, NLP, CBT and so on (as it is relevant only to helping professions such as coaching, psychology, facilitation) also qualify for distinguished membership. Independent practitioners cannot be distinguished members.

Important: The extensive fee reduction exists to encourage independent practitioners (not registered somewhere with a regulating or professional body or being and active member of a professional community) to take up some form of credentialing either with Signo (in collaborative practice) or other formal regulating or practitioner governing body or professional community. Some professions have to be licensed. They already qualify for a distinguished membership. For other professions who do not at present have a set standard requirement or barrier to entry, it is clearly in their interest to belong somewhere considering the fees reduction with Signo

Corporate Membership

CORPORATE Corporate membership as any other involves a yearly membership fee. Individuals/employees then use Signo services at the highest rate reduction made possible by the corporate membership. Such employees are not members on their own. If they do become individual members also while being part of corporate membership, the services not previously available are now extended at the rates similar to courtesy membership.

Community Membership

REGULATING BODY Regulating body membership (also for training institutions or training departments), is a form of community membership whereby certain services aiding the sustainability of the body is rendered free or at a reduced fee. The regulating body’s individual members (only their credentialed members) become Signo members whereby all the reduced rates at the Distinguished level are applicable to the individuals by virtue of belonging to their regulating body’s membership. Such individual members are also Certified as Signo Professionals by virtue of being a credentialed member with their own regulating bodies. As long as the individuals are actively credentialed and up to date with their own regulating body they retain the related level at Signo. As an organisation Signo aims to take up an active role regarding the accountability of all regulating bodies in each country in accordance with the guidelines of that country.
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