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Member groups, roles and professions

This page is reserved for listing the roles and professions that we connect with and support. They are listed here separately although we deal with some of them together. Some are explained on their own pages and each of them will be explained to members who join and then updated here.

In many but not all respects the word practitioner and professional are interchangeable. Note that in most cases professionals will find themselves belonging to a number of the under mentioned roles. What we are promoting is particularly the section on ‘skilled helping agencies’ but strongly saying that such professionals/practitioners can come from a number of academic disciplines and practice based functional roles (or both).

These groups are acknowledged (at least on a foundational recognition level) for the extent that they require requisite skills in working with people and human behaviour in different contexts and towards different ends. Or, an aspect of joining Signo is to ensure that practitioners grow in their knowledge and understanding about broad behavioural sciences as it should inform all of these roles

Professional or formal roles

Leadership and general management professionals

Profession groups

Theoretically rich or specific practitioner domain perspectives or define models

  • Various consulting professionals (diversity, change and transformation practitioners, process consulting, others)
  • Defined assessment, diagnostic, or worksheet based practitioner involvement as the basis or entry point of the helping interaction (Strengthsfinder based, NBI, others)
  • Situated or epistemologically rich approaches (Systems-Psychodynamics, Imago, Narrative, Appreciative other)
  • Defined models as the basis or entry point of helping interaction

Skilled helping agencies

  • Coaches and Mentors (Executive, Performance, Behavioural and all others in specifically human helping roles)
  • Professional facilitators (learning-/ meeting-/ process-/ large group-/ other)
  • Mediators (Legal, Family, Labour, other)
  • Counsellors and therapists (arts, narrative, pastoral, other)

Human behaviour focused academic disciplines

  • Psychologists (Clinical, Industrial, Educational, Counselling, other)
  • Social workers
  • Practical theologians (specifically the behavioural sciences sub discipline such as pastoral care and counselling)

Other disciplines

  • Medical professionals (specifically collaborative health)
  • Lawyers (specifically collaborative law)
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