free is costing you something

Free is costing you something

They say “There is not such thing as a free lunch.” For professional people there is a big contradiction in the idea of free. While there are different pricing models for professional services, often work is done through billable hours: An hour of your time costs x; A morning development program costs y, and so on. Herein lies the irony. We’re saving costs but the amount of time that it takes to figure things out mostly far exceeds your value per hour.

The above are general remarks. Now when it comes to technology the contradiction is magnified. Being a professional myself (see the irony), I have been down the road and can tell you that even for a reasonably clever guy like myself (hopefully):
‘free’ is not only costing you time which in the case of professionals is often related to income
it inevitably at some stage still requires financial expenses
a great deal of energy (accompanied by frustration and the results of that in your life)

With this being said, the core of our website model is purposefully built on free open source technology. It means that neither of us (business or client) has an expense in terms of the core code of websites. It is as free for us as it is for you. The only thing that happened in the industry (for us choosing this technology) is that our role changed from a company having all the expert knowledge to being knowledgeable collaborators.

Signo is dedicated to adding creative and visual communication thrust to your professional brand.
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