Community membership overview

Community Membership Overview

Download the following document for an overview of the community membership options. Below the download you will found an introduction to what we see as different kinds of communities.
As stated below the download, the three options relate to three kinds of communities:

  • Peer-professional governing bodies
  • Education and training institutes, centres or networks
  • Brand associations with an informal or formal following in various forms (students, members, other)

Signo or SignoPro’s involvement in any of the above depends on the operations and scope of the community in question.

Download (PDF, 37KB)

Different types of communities

Community membership is one of the types of memberships at Signo Professional (The others are individual and organisational/corporate membership).

There are a variety of entities or group associations that fit the purpose of being a community. These could typically include professional governing bodies, education and training institutions, brand associations.

Professional governing body

Education and training organisations, centres or institutes

Brand association

What is the relationship between Signo and the members, students, participants of any of the above communities?

It does make a difference which community one is talking about. In general the basic assumption is that all individuals of any community also become members at Signo but for various purposes.

  • If the community is a professional governing body the individual will hold two memberships and be encouraged to actively participate in what that particular professional governing body has to offer. Still they will also derive benefit through the governing body’s relationship with Signo.
  • If the community is a training institute or a kind of brand association it would depend on how the institute or brand sees the relationship they want to have with their students or course participants (or they may even be seen as institute- or brand members, practitioners, affiliates, or other description).
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