The Signo backstory

Welcome to the Signo backstory. The word Signo relates to music and means ‘mark.’ In music while playing and reading the notes one would read ‘dal signo’ indicating the musician to play again from the mark.

Signo is promoted as a mark of professionalism and becomes the icon for professionals to ask themselves a number of questions: Am I still on the mark, am I offering value in line with advances in my field, what does professional mean in contemporary life, and such questions.

We help in a number of ways:

  • SignoProfessional, the company that most resembles a professional body (with some differences).
  • BlankBook, the entity that is dedicated to helping our professionals with web, tech, admin, creative and others aspects of brand and positioning.
  • Signo, the entity the facilitates the client relationship, between SignoPro, BlankBook, external consulting and the like.

As professionals ourselves we know that we are an interesting specie. We are professionals for a number of reasons – one being that we enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with the job. For many that was the initial idea but soon enough reality strikes that ‘hey, I have to work really hard on things that I did not quite foresee (communication, positioning, brand, technology, social media, websites, risk management), everything it seems but growing in and delivering my expertise.’

We realised that keeping up can be quite a tall order and we wanted to make it simpler. The services we offer is therefore ultimately aimed at making what you do really work for you in the long run and helping the professional grow in all aspects of offering value (from practice management, brand positioning to growing in expertise in both theory and practice)

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Signo is home to professionals: advancing expertise, developing brand and marketing, and practice management solutions. We simplify, streamline, and help professional individuals, regulating bodies and small services firms be sustainable.


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