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Exclusive stylish and specialised professional database listing - that matters for once | optimising client engagement | contracts | learning | online appointment scheduling and more
While most professionals can commission us to do work please understand that our services are not for just any professional. However, if you understand what we are about and how we go about strengthening your professional brand no other web service provider is really an option.


Client notice

Dear client. From 2004 we have been involved in many aspects of the creative communication industry. In the recent past and for a while to come still we will be separating and putting more focus into different business initiatives.

'Signo' still formally trading under its initial registration conveying its link to the music industry will be shifting focus solely to the professional services industry to which we offer services that you can read up on, on this website in days to come.

The major shift involves what we regard as our first order of services. On top of this, websites, and hosting, we still offer most of the creative communication services that you might need: from course development, to online appointment scheduling, photography, videography, and more.

For web development and hosting outside of the space of professional individuals and services firms: Blankbook_Logo_New-300x110

Transparency policy

With the formal turn to web development and hosting related services, as the first order of services, and particularly as it relates to this industry, we value that you need to know certain things.

We'll explain more later but this is what it means. In the development to what is known as 'web 2.0' it has become possible for you, the client, to do a great deal of the kind of things that we do yourself. There are various programs you can use to build and maintain your own website for free.

Free, nearly always still comes at a cost and at least at some stage you'll have to have some technical knowledge. We offer services only in relation to the top rated and trusted open source CMS programs if you want to avoid this 'cost' and rather focus on what you do best. The gist however is that in our open knowledge society there is no 'know how' that is a secret. The question becomes one of answering what you want to spend your time on.


In the process of refocusing to the professional services industry we are exploring (on a trial basis) different ways of adding value 'above and beyond.'

We are offering you a page on our website to shine. We will optimize some of these pages and definitely link to the website we have developed for you. This will in due time add to you website's optimisation.

Those for whom we have done work and who have chosen not to go the route of adding articles to your own site, you have the opportunity to submit some of your articles to us. We will link this to your page whereby effectively building your professional brand.

You would not have to maintain this page and best of all it's free for clients for whom we are doing work and hosting their websites. That page [yourname]-[surname] on our website will become not only your showcase to other professionals, individuals, and businesses but the platform from which to actually access some services like automatic billing and more. Here is an example of such a page on our website.

Send us an email if you are interested from our About Signo page

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